water features for pools


Backyard pools on their own are wonderful additions to residential properties. No matter the style or swimming pool design, a properly built and well-designed swimming pool can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a landscape and can work as a gorgeous complementary piece to an already beautiful house. But did you know the impact of adding water features to the overall aesthetics of your swimming pool?

Water features come in different shapes and sizes and offer a variety of design and functional benefits. Whether you have an existing pool and doing a pool renovation or an upcoming new pool project, consider installing one of these water features so you can make your backyard look even more stunning.

Lets explain the different types.

  • Waterfall

Whether natural or artificial, large or small, gentle or strong, waterfalls are always going to do a great job at beautifying your swimming pool and your backyard landscape as a whole. Just never forget to check out the previous projects of the pool builders you’re looking to hire so that you can avoid having regrets in the future.

Waterfall Water feature
  • Deck Jets

A deck jet, also called as a pencil or laminar jet, is a visually appealing water feature that can be installed in the pool decking or in the landscaping and shoots a stream of water into the pool. If you want to take this feature to the next level, be sure to get a deck jet that comes with fibre optic/LED lighting options.

  • Sheer Descent

Technically the brand name of a manufactured waterfall product by a certain corporation, a sheer descent is a type of linear waterfall that drops or forms an arc as it flows away from a sidewall and into the pool. With an opening that can go for up to several feet wide, a sheer descent can produce a gorgeous waterfall effect if mounted overhead.

  • Bubblers

Situated in the floor of the pool’s shallow surface, bubblers shoot streams of water that gurgle and eventually bubble up. It comes with a control to adjust the heights of the streams according to your liking. This is an excellent water feature for little children to play with.

  • Sconce

Usually attached to a pool wall, a sconce gently pours down narrow streams of water into the swimming pool. Available in various styles and designs, ranging from animal characters to architectural pieces, sconces are an attractive decorative element that can do no wrong to your pool.

  • Rain Curtain

Normally mounted on a wall or pergola roof, a rain curtain is simply a curtain or sheet of water that gently falls into the swimming pool. No matter where it’s installed, a rain curtain always does a good job of creating an awesome visual spectacle. Steller Pools is a business that always does an exceptional job at installing rain curtains.

  • Fountain Jet

A fountain jet may seem like a boring thing to add to your swimming pool, but this water feature’s availability in various styles and sizes makes it an amazing addition to all sorts of pool. What’s even better is that the versatility of a fountain jet allows you to put it virtually anywhere – whether in the pool, on the steps, or in the outdoor spa.