adding value to your home


Is 2019 the year when you will finally push through with your long-overdue plan to remodel your home? Below we will give you a few remodelling ideas that are not only brilliant and inspiring but are also capable of beautifying your property and increasing it value.

New and Improved Bathroom

Deemed the most important part of renovations, gutting and renovating a bathroom can get costly, but it’s worth spending a sizeable portion of your remodelling budget on this part of your home.

If you want to create a better bathroom that looks stunning and has added features, tear down walls to increase space for the shower, install a bathtub, dedicate a semi-private area for the toilet, or add another sink.

To significantly reduce the overall costs of a bathroom remodelling refrain from adding and moving the pipes, which means that the layout of the toilet, sink and shower will remain the same.

Improve your bathroom’s appearance and value by also installing additional bathroom storage, replacing outdated lighting, and utilizing decorating tricks to visually increase your bathroom’s square footage.

Complete Kitchen Update

A complete kitchen update that looks lovely is very possible even without making major changes.

When giving your kitchen a total makeover, you can start by adding a kitchen island (if you don’t have one yet) for seating, dining and dish storage. Not only does a kitchen island bring added functional benefits, but it also boosts your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal no matter the size or style.

Countertops also have a huge impact to all sorts of kitchen designs, so replacing your existing ones with newer kitchen countertops is a great way to boost the beauty of your kitchen’s focal point.

Additionally, making a number of small changes like adding extra storage space, upgrading your appliances, replacing hardware, and painting the cabinetry can add to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic impact and increase your home’s value.

Bedroom Remodel on a Budget

Bedroom remodelling ideas

When it comes to remodelling your bedroom, you don’t necessarily have to spend a huge amount of money to make it work. Even with only a few minor changes, it’s still possible for you to make a huge impact on your bedroom’s appearance, adding to your home’s value.

Choosing neutral colours for your bedroom can add a soothing atmosphere that amplifies the relaxation and intimacy of your favourite space. If your bed looks dull and boring, accentuate it with a headboard to make it look complete.

Brightening up your bedding is also an excellent way to achieve a budget-friendly bedroom remodel. Just be sure to get creative with your bedding choices to give it a fresh and stylish feel. If you must, mix and match everything from patterns to texture.

Adding an area rug, updating lighting, removing clutter, and installing new window treatments are also great ways to achieve a successful bedroom remodel on a budget and increase the value of your home.

Get Your Remodelling Project Going!

If you are thinking of removing walls make sure you hire a skilled engineering consultants to ensure that all the changes made during your home remodelling project are safe and up to standard, especially when it involves demolishing and rebuilding parts of your house.