Rugs come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, and are also made from different types of materials. The fact that there are so many types of rugs to choose from can really make it difficult for anyone to pick the right one for their home decorating project. In this article, we will focus on a specific rug shape so you can narrow down your rug options.

Out of all the shapes that rugs are available in, the round-shaped ones are arguably the best when it comes to versatility. Unlike rectangular or square rugs, round rugs can seamlessly fit in tight, curved or oddly shaped spaces. Apart from that, they can soften geometric or square rooms with ease.

If you’re interested to use round rugs and take advantage of their unique strengths on your approaching revamp project, here are a few ways you can stylishly decorate your home using them:

In a Minimalist Paradise

Minimalists believe that less is more, even in the world of interior decorating. Whether you believe that or not is entirely up to you, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that a room or an entire house can indeed look stunning with a minimalist design. So if you happen to have a room that is minimally designed – or if you want to revamp a specific room in your home and turn it into a minimalist paradise, take advantage of a round rug’s ability to soften sharp and rough edges, which are fairly common in some minimal spaces. No matter the material, a round rug’s curvy shape is enough to complement a minimalist design concept.

Under Round Furnishings

Do you have a circular dining table or coffee table? Place a round rug under a circular furniture so you can mimic the lines and bring a sense of balance to the space. While a rug of any shape can work well with a round furniture piece, there’s no denying that a circular rug can do an even better job. The harmonious combination of a round rug and furniture is something that can make an already beautiful room look even lovelier. To pull off this decorating trick, make sure the rug you get is large enough that the dining chairs would still fit on them when they are pulled out to be used and sat on.

Creating a Vignette

Use a round rug’s shape to your advantage by partnering it with one or more small and functional furniture pieces that touch the rug. Doing this trick instantly creates a unique vignette and adds a sense of intimacy to a room. Just make sure that the rug is patterned or colourful to ensure maximum visual impact to a space, which can either be bathroom, an entryway, or the corner of a large room. You can also layer the round rugs to make an even more powerful vignette with a fun, cheerful feeling. Don’t have a round rug to create a vignette? You can buy round rugs online.

Is 2019 the year when you will finally push through with your long-overdue plan to remodel your home? Below we will give you a few remodelling ideas that are not only brilliant and inspiring but are also capable of beautifying your property and increasing it value.

New and Improved Bathroom

Deemed the most important part of renovations, gutting and renovating a bathroom can get costly, but it’s worth spending a sizeable portion of your remodelling budget on this part of your home.

If you want to create a better bathroom that looks stunning and has added features, tear down walls to increase space for the shower, install a bathtub, dedicate a semi-private area for the toilet, or add another sink.

To significantly reduce the overall costs of a bathroom remodelling refrain from adding and moving the pipes, which means that the layout of the toilet, sink and shower will remain the same.

Improve your bathroom’s appearance and value by also installing additional bathroom storage, replacing outdated lighting, and utilizing decorating tricks to visually increase your bathroom’s square footage.

Complete Kitchen Update

A complete kitchen update that looks lovely is very possible even without making major changes.

When giving your kitchen a total makeover, you can start by adding a kitchen island (if you don’t have one yet) for seating, dining and dish storage. Not only does a kitchen island bring added functional benefits, but it also boosts your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal no matter the size or style.

Countertops also have a huge impact to all sorts of kitchen designs, so replacing your existing ones with newer kitchen countertops is a great way to boost the beauty of your kitchen’s focal point.

Additionally, making a number of small changes like adding extra storage space, upgrading your appliances, replacing hardware, and painting the cabinetry can add to your kitchen’s overall aesthetic impact and increase your home’s value.

Bedroom Remodel on a Budget

Bedroom remodelling ideas

When it comes to remodelling your bedroom, you don’t necessarily have to spend a huge amount of money to make it work. Even with only a few minor changes, it’s still possible for you to make a huge impact on your bedroom’s appearance, adding to your home’s value.

Choosing neutral colours for your bedroom can add a soothing atmosphere that amplifies the relaxation and intimacy of your favourite space. If your bed looks dull and boring, accentuate it with a headboard to make it look complete.

Brightening up your bedding is also an excellent way to achieve a budget-friendly bedroom remodel. Just be sure to get creative with your bedding choices to give it a fresh and stylish feel. If you must, mix and match everything from patterns to texture.

Adding an area rug, updating lighting, removing clutter, and installing new window treatments are also great ways to achieve a successful bedroom remodel on a budget and increase the value of your home.

Get Your Remodelling Project Going!

If you are thinking of removing walls make sure you hire a skilled engineering consultants to ensure that all the changes made during your home remodelling project are safe and up to standard, especially when it involves demolishing and rebuilding parts of your house.

Backyard pools on their own are wonderful additions to residential properties. No matter the style or swimming pool design, a properly built and well-designed swimming pool can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a landscape and can work as a gorgeous complementary piece to an already beautiful house. But did you know the impact of adding water features to the overall aesthetics of your swimming pool?

Water features come in different shapes and sizes and offer a variety of design and functional benefits. Whether you have an existing pool and doing a pool renovation or an upcoming new pool project, consider installing one of these water features so you can make your backyard look even more stunning.

Lets explain the different types.

  • Waterfall

Whether natural or artificial, large or small, gentle or strong, waterfalls are always going to do a great job at beautifying your swimming pool and your backyard landscape as a whole. Just never forget to check out the previous projects of the pool builders you’re looking to hire so that you can avoid having regrets in the future.

Waterfall Water feature
  • Deck Jets

A deck jet, also called as a pencil or laminar jet, is a visually appealing water feature that can be installed in the pool decking or in the landscaping and shoots a stream of water into the pool. If you want to take this feature to the next level, be sure to get a deck jet that comes with fibre optic/LED lighting options.

  • Sheer Descent

Technically the brand name of a manufactured waterfall product by a certain corporation, a sheer descent is a type of linear waterfall that drops or forms an arc as it flows away from a sidewall and into the pool. With an opening that can go for up to several feet wide, a sheer descent can produce a gorgeous waterfall effect if mounted overhead.

  • Bubblers

Situated in the floor of the pool’s shallow surface, bubblers shoot streams of water that gurgle and eventually bubble up. It comes with a control to adjust the heights of the streams according to your liking. This is an excellent water feature for little children to play with.

  • Sconce

Usually attached to a pool wall, a sconce gently pours down narrow streams of water into the swimming pool. Available in various styles and designs, ranging from animal characters to architectural pieces, sconces are an attractive decorative element that can do no wrong to your pool.

  • Rain Curtain

Normally mounted on a wall or pergola roof, a rain curtain is simply a curtain or sheet of water that gently falls into the swimming pool. No matter where it’s installed, a rain curtain always does a good job of creating an awesome visual spectacle. Steller Pools is a business that always does an exceptional job at installing rain curtains.

  • Fountain Jet

A fountain jet may seem like a boring thing to add to your swimming pool, but this water feature’s availability in various styles and sizes makes it an amazing addition to all sorts of pool. What’s even better is that the versatility of a fountain jet allows you to put it virtually anywhere – whether in the pool, on the steps, or in the outdoor spa.

While the primary function of timber roof trusses is to support the roofing system, they can also elevate the aesthetics of an interior living space when they are left exposed during construction.

The rustic charm and elegance that goes with an exposed timber roof truss makes it an incredibly stylish type of design element for homes.

Whether you have a renovation or new construction project, consider incorporating exposed roof trusses into it so you can benefit from the structural framework’s functional and visually pleasing features.

Also, if you’re fond of revamping your home from time to time, you will have a field day with the many astounding design elements and ideas that you can apply to an interior living space with exposed trusses.

Let’s check out some examples of interior living spaces that have exposed roof trusses:

1. This residential space called the Summerside House boasts a myriad of stunning interior features that include fine exposed trusses, beams and stonework – all of which help add a semblance of warmth and comfort to an already gorgeous interior. This project shows how an exposed roof truss perfectly complements the stylish visuals of natural stone, brick and other solid wood units.

2. This home in Dallas, Texas features finely detailed timber trusses that go along nicely with its interior living space’s predominantly contemporary theme. This showcases the outstanding versatility of timber roof trusses when it comes to design.

Rustic Roof Trusses

3. This interior living space highlights the stunning beauty and rustic elegance of exposed timber trusses. The stylish visual appeal of the structural framework also helps add a nice touch of warmth to a space that already feels cosy and airy with its collection of windows.

4. Even though the usage of exposed trusses is minimal in this modish interior living space, it doesn’t feel out of place at all. In fact, it helps bring a nice touch of rustic charm to an interior that mostly feels modern with its furnishings and paint colour.

5. The exposed trusses and other wooden elements in this interior living space helps give it a nice, cosy rustic feel that will tempt anyone to just stay at home and relax. Its abundance in natural lighting also helps make the space feel as warm as ever. The countryside charm feels so genuine with this one.

Celebrities nowadays have lifestyles that greatly contrast from one another, with the most extravagant ones being considered as generally unattainable for us regular people. There are celebrities who love to flaunt their wealth and live outrageously extravagant lives, but there are also those who love to keep things as simple as ever. We’ll show you a list of celebrities with lifestyles – ranging from lavish to humble – that are worth dreaming of attaining – and even trying to emulate.

  1. Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner, Celebrity Lifestyle

As the youngest of the Kardashian family members, it’s really impressive how Kylie Jenner grinded her way to massive global success through her company Kylie Cosmetics. With a current estimated net worth of $900 million, Kylie owns a lineup of high-priced luxury cars, posts some of the most envious vacation photos in Instagram, and has no trouble visiting the hottest and wealthiest party spots around the world.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

When it comes to celebrities with healthy lifestyles, it would be a crime not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow. The 46-year-old actress has been spearheading numerous health trends for many years now. From acupuncture, yoga and Eastern medicine to carbless diets, juice fasts, detoxes, and veganism – Gwyneth Paltrow has preached it and practiced in a genuine way that is better than most “healthy living” celebrities can.

  • Keanu Reeves

For a celebrity of his caliber, Keanu Reeves is simply one of the best human beings to ever exist. Not only is he generous (he gave away a huge part of his earnings from The Matrix to the movie’s hardworking costume design and special effects teams), but he is also notorious for living a surprisingly humble lifestyle that includes hanging out alone on a public park bench to relax, buying clothes that are on sale, and using public transportation.

  • Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor - Celebristy Lifestyles

World-famous MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s lavish lifestyle is something that his loyal fans and casual followers are pretty much aware of, simply because the Irish champion regularly flaunts his wealth in social media for all people to see. Considering his humble beginnings in the world of fighting, one can justify that McGregor has the right to show to everyone his luxurious lifestyle – which is filled with designer clothes, expensive cars, and gold watches.

  1. Katy Perry

Known for her hit singles ‘Firework’, ‘California Gurls’, and ‘Roar’, American singer-songwriter Katy Perry is so dedicated to her healthy lifestyle out of concern that she won’t be able to play a show if she gets sick. Because of that, the 34-year-old singer has been strictly following a regimen that includes drinking a probiotic beverage every day as well as vitamin-rich shakes with dried and kale fruit. For a life filled with touring, Katy Perry sure knows how to religiously maintain her healthy living, which is absolutely inspiring.

  • Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga, Celebrity Lifestyles

While people mistakenly associate Lady Gaga for being extravagant because of the costumes she wears on stage, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter actually loves to keep her life simple. In fact, she loves wearing simple outfits just like what us regular people wear, and she also occasionally buys stuff that are on sale. According to the ‘Poker Face’ hitmaker herself, she regularly tries to bargain at retail and even uses coupons when doing her groceries. For someone who has earned millions of dollars throughout her career, Lady Gaga’s humble lifestyle is truly admirable.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Perhaps the most famous Kardashian of them all, Kim Kardashian definitely deserves a place in this list. Her grand lifestyle includes a sizeable fleet of expensive cars, tons of luxury handbags, and several high-priced residential properties, including a Beverly Hills mansion that is worth $20 million. She also almost exclusively shops at the most expensive stores in the world.